Crazy Rich Asians: Why I Love How It’s Breaking the Mold

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 It’s not everyday that a movie comes out with a mostly Asian cast. Actually scratch that. I cannot think of a time when I saw a Hollywood production that was shown here in theatres in the States with an all Asian cast. However, that is just what Crazy Rich Asians, a romantic-dramedy does. The movie is fresh, exciting, and definitely takes away from the Whitewashing Hollywood is so often known (and often criticized) for.
     While the plot line might be a little over done. It’s got a bit of a Cinderella vibe to it, the acting is brilliant, the cinematography is incredible, and the movie is able to pull both comedy and drama together perfectly. Something many movies fail to do.
       As someone who’s been watching Asian dramas for a few years now and listening to Kpop music having a cast of mostly Asians was a big deal to me. It’s like: yes, finally, people are going to see why I and others support these productions, why we watch the dramas, and listen to the music. There’s going to be more awareness. I think that’s what I’m most proud of when it comes to this movie: The awareness it’s giving. As a white American girl I’ve grown up seeing white American actresses and white British actresses. I never had to worry about being represented when it comes to movies and television shows. Crazy Rich Asians is providing representation (finally, I might add) for the people who haven’t had it.
     The show also treats it with the respect it deserves. So often in Hollywood the Asian cultures are disrespected. The guy from India is made to be a loser, the girl from China is turned into a nerd with no friends. Hollywood seems to love taking the Asian cultures and poking fun of them. This movie, however, takes this cast and turns it into a movie that lets Asians have the spotlight, and for all the right reasons.
      The acting in this film is incredible. From the main actors Constance Wu, Henry Golding, Awkwafina,Gemma Chang, and literally everyone else this movie is a triumph simply for the acting from the cast. The characters are also everything from relatable to sometimes just hilariously ridiculous. Rachel Chu is a character I think many girls can relate to, regardless of race, and Nick Young is the perfect hot guy that we all love in a good movie. (10/10 for Nick Young right?) Goh Peik Lin played by Awkwafina gives us the fun best friend, and her keeping back up dresses in her car was definitely one of the best moments of the film. Eleanor Young’s bitchy mom attitude worked perfectly for the movie in showing a woman that you are definitely not rooting for, but that you can’t quite hate all the same.
     The plot lines work well in Crazy Rich Asians as well. From the main one which is Rachel Chu trying to fit in with her boyfriend’s crazy rich family to the smaller ones, such as Astrid finally realizing her worth when it comes to her husband cheating on her, or Rachel finding out the truth about her father. It also shows a side that I, as an American, don’t often see: how the Asian cultures view us. When Eleanor Young talks about how all Americans care about is their own happiness it hits close to home. I got to see, at least for a moment, what other places think of Americans as a whole.
     So, would I recommend that you go and see this movie? Absolutely. If not for the fact that we need more Asian representation in films, then for the fact that it’s an amazing movie deserving of the respect and praise it’s been getting over the past couple of weeks. I was incredibly glad that I went and saw it in theatres and it’s definitely a movie that I’d want to see again.
Rating 9/10