Personal Thoughts

My Writing Goals For This School Year

Over the past few weeks, I have been making a, rather terrible, attempt to try and figure out a way to get my writing done in a more efficient manner and to get a set list of goals that are actually realistic for me to do over the next 7 or 8 months before I graduate. This is proving harder than I thought; however, with taking 18 credit hours and working two jobs. As an English major, a lot of my time is spent simply reading for classes. Then you add on the papers and papers and suddenly it sometimes feels as if I am drowning in my major with no way out. I could, I know, just put off my personal writings until I am finished with college, but I do not care to do that. So, in an attempt to figure out some rhyme and reason to my life I am going to try and set up some goals for myself for the rest of this year.

1. Write Something Non-Academic Related Every Day:
     In an attempt to not feel like I am completely overwhelmed by school and work I will try to write something that does not pertain to school every day. Whether that be poetry for my writing Instagram or something for this blog. Hopefully, in doing this I will be able to not only get my personal writing accomplished but I will also be able to stay sane as I try to balance academic writing with personal writing. 
2. Get my Poetry Book Put Together and Published:
   I have been working on and off on a collection of poetry over the past few months. My plan is to have it finished and published on CreateSpace by the end of this school year if not before.
3. Start Rewrites On My Novel:
    Another thing that I want to accomplish this school year is rewrites for my novel. I’ve been meaning to work on it consistently for over a year now and have not gotten around it. I’m hoping to get at least a good dozen or so chapters rewritten by the end of the school year.

4. Figure Out a Time To Update The Blog:
    I have been really bad about just posting without any rhyme or reason lately, and part of that is because I’ve just been trying to get the blog updated as much as possible. Over the next few weeks, I might try to figure out the best days and times in which to not only post my blog posts but also the best times to write them.

Here’s to hoping this all actually ends up happening.