Ranking Selena Gomez Songs: Worst to Best

Selena Gomez is one of the biggest pop stars of this day and age. I personally have been a big fan of hers for years now, and while I don’t love every single song she’s released I still like the majority of them. For this ranking I decided to only do songs after she stopped singing with her band The Scene and I have also not added in “We Don’t Talk Anymore” with Charlie Puth. I had a lot of fun putting this list together and figuring out where her Songs ranked for me. Read on for more!



A bit repetitive and kind of annoying. Sorry, Selena.


I’m not a big fan of the music, the lyrics, or really the way Selena sings this song. Still, the lyrics are alright, I guess.

“Music Feels Better”

A pretty good song, but a bit repetitive.

“Body Heat”

The lyrics are alright, but I think the beat of this song really pulls it together.

“Like A Champion”

Eh. The lyrics are alright, but Selena’s voice sounds beautiful singing it so that’s a plus.


The talking at the beginning is a bit strange, but the song is still good nonetheless. It has a good beat and the lyrics are really good as well.

“Me And My Girls”

This song is a bit edgy and it talks about girl power which I’m always down for.

“Save The Day”

Pretty catchy.

“Write Your Name”

This song about “writing your name” and being a permanent part of someone’s life is catchy. I find the lyrics to be a bit lacking however.


This song about wanting someone all to themselves has a good beat and some good lyrics as well.


This song has some really good lyrics, but the repetitiveness makes this rank lower than it might have.
“Nobody Does It Like You”
This song is sexy and catchy at the same time.
“Love Will Remember”
This song is on the slower side, but it still has great lyrics and a really good vocal performance form Selena.
“Me and the Rhythm”
This is an incredibly relaxed feel good song.
“Come and Get It”
Looking past the cultural appropriation in the music video this song is honestly a jam.
“Kill Em With Kindness”
This song about being a good person and always trying to be kind is so relevant in this day and age. Plus, I think the song itself is just incredible. Perhaps a bit simplistic, but incredible nonetheless.
“Slow Down”
This song is catchy and lyrically pleasing to me for some reason.
“Hands to Myself”
Okay, so the lyrics might be a bit cliche, but this song is still a total bop.
“Stars Dance”
This song used to be my jam. It’s still a total jam now. The lyrics are amazing and the music is too!
This song about rising above the bad and being strong is inspirational.
“Forget Forever”
The lyrics of this song and the music make this feel like the perfect song for the “stare out of the car window and pretend you’re in a music video” cliche.
“Same Old Love”
I love the lyrics, the beat, and Selena’s voice is incredible on this song.
“Good For You”
This song is a jam. That is all.
This song about the other woman and finding out your man is cheating is one of Selena Gomez’s more heartbreaking songs. Still, it’s one of her better songs in my opinion.
“Bad Liar”
It’s different, but in a good way.
This song is lyrically beautiful and Selena’s voice sounds beautiful singing it.
This song is a bit on the different side for Selena but it’s so catchy and the lyrics are so good. Definitely a good song for singing along too.
“The Heart Wants What It Wants”
Selena’s voice sounds so beautiful while singing this song and the lyrics while simple are still amazing.
Slow, beautiful, haunting. Three words that come to me as I listen to this song.
“Back To You”
The lyrics, her voice, the music. It’s all so satisfying.
This song about how a man only loves you when you’re sober is heartbreaking at the least. Selena’s voice is amazing in this song and paired with heartfelt lyrics it makes this song by far my favorite Selena Gomez song.


I hope you all enjoyed reading. What’s your favorite Selena Gomez song? Let me know in the comments down below and don’t forget to share and subscribe!