Billie Eilish’s Songs Ranked From Worst To Best

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Billie Eilish is one of the latest indie pop stars to rise to prominence over the last couple of years. Her breathy, haunting voice and original lyrics make her one of my favorite new artists I’ve discovered over the past year or so. I decided to rank her songs because I thought it would be a lot of fun and can honestly say I enjoy all of Billie Eilish’s songs. This is something that I cannot say for every artist out there, so ranking her songs was a bit difficult for me. I have all of her songs here, however, I don’t have “Lovely” with Khalid, since I decided to make this all songs that only Billie Eilish herself is singing on. I hope you all enjoy!

12. “Hostage”

Okay, I’ll admit the lyrics to this song are a bit weird and the idea of holding someone as a hostage is even weirder. Still, Billie Eilish’s eerily beautiful vocals on this track make it a good song. In fact, even though this song is last on my list, I still like it.

11. “Six Feet Under”


This song about losing love and yourself is so beautiful in a sad way. I’ll admit I did not even know the song existed until I was writing this post, but it is still one that I think everyone should check out.

 10. “You Should See Me In A Crown”

This song has a catchy beat and really interesting lyrics. It also has a different sound when compared to some of Billie’s older songs.

9. “Party Favor”

This song about getting someone in trouble on their birthday

8. “Idontwannabeyouanymore”



This song about not wanting to be yourself anymore hits close to home. Plus the lyrics are incredibly relatable as I think everyone has had feelings like this before. Billie perfectly captures what it’s like to not feel good enough in your own skin and in your own mind as well.

7. “Bitches Broken Hearts”

This song is one that’s been getting stuck in my head lately. It’s catchy and I love the lyrics.

6. “Copycat”

This song about someone constantly copying you is relatable, catchy, and savage

5. “Bored”

This song about people being bored and treating others poorly is so relatable to this day and age.

4. “My Boy”

When you need a song about a subpar boyfriend I highly recommend you go to this one.

3. “Watch”

The music. The lyrics. Billie’s voice. Yes to all of it.

2. “Bellyache”

This song about a murder is catchy and lyrically amazing. It’s a fun song to sing along to as well.

1. “Ocean Eyes”

The song that got me into Billie Eilish so it’s only fitting that it would be my favorite. The lyrics are amazing and her voice sounds gorgeous on this track. \

I hope you all enjoyed my ranking of Billie Eilish’s songs.