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    Every Taylor Swift Song Ranked From Worst To Best

        So, I recently posted my blog post about how I ranked Taylor Swift’s Albums. That, in and of itself, was a hard thing for me to do. Taylor Swift is one of my, if not my, favorite singer of all time. There is just something about her music that I connect to really well, more so than a lot of other artists. In the interest of wanting to make more posts about music in general (Not only T-Swift), but I’ve also decided to rank her songs from worst to best. Now, a quick disclaimer. I am only doing the songs from her albums, including the ones on deluxe…

  • Music,  Taylor Swift

    Taylor Swift’s Albums Ranked From Worst to Best

      https://media.giphy.com/media/YDMAYrUr83kSk/giphy.gif       Ah, Taylor Swift. You songwriting genius. So far the country turned country-pop turned pop star has six studio albums out (not counting deluxe editions or holiday albums). All six of the albums see Swift at a new period of her life with new ways of looking at music and new ways of approaching things lyrically. My theory is that the reason Taylor Swift continues to be one of my favorite singers is that she has such a wide variety of songs. There is, quite literally, a T-Swift song for every mood I’m in. So, for the interest of finally writing some more blog posts about…

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